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Marriage Proposal in Antalya

Premium Antalya Concierge Professional Marriage Proposal Planner in Antalya -Turkey.

We work to inspire you for the best proposal idea and take the hassle out of this occasion.

This special moment lasts just few seconds full of excitment,  but it will be fixed in your memory forever.
Our team creats unique and customized engagements.

Through attentive research and accurate information gathering our agency  aims to bring together all the aspects that make your story unique.


Why Premium Antalya Concierge for the planning of the proposal in Antalya?


1 Our team has 8-years experience in tourism, hospitality, events planning in Antalya and other regions of Turkey. And we have  4-years experience of marriage proposal organization.

2 Marriage proposal is a unique date in life of each couple, and our agency offer you personolized service.

3 Our agency will handle every step of proposal organizarion:  starting from transfer booking (car to the place where your proposal takes place) ending with firework, photographer/video shooting, etc.

3 We perfectly know all the venues for romantic events in Antalya, and we will recommend you only the best of them.

4 We use only quality materials and floristic. In addition to the general decor we provide each event with our own special table set-up ( glasses, napkins, folks&knives, serving plates,table cloth)

5 Our partners and service providers are reliable people, it’s proven over the years of our mutual cooperation.

6 We are in touch with our clients 24 h, if it requires. Our staff answer all the question and provide full reliable information regardingly your event.


Antalya with its rich historical heritage, turquoise sea and gorgeous bays, with its’ spectatcular mountain views and beautiful sandy Mediterranean beaches is a perfect place to arrange a memorable marriage proposal.

Proposing is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.That’s why it deseves to be prepared carefully in details. It is first and most important step towards your wedding. This step should  reamin in your memory  as one of the most outstanding events of all your life.
From the first it  may seems you to be unreal to arrange everything perfectly abroud far away from your own country. Please, leave your doubts, you can rely on our experienced and creative  team for 100 %.

If you have already your own idea and scenario how to propose in Antalya, but you need someone who handle it  in a proper way accordingly your plan, than we will gladly assist you.

Also, you may have no any idea about how to make marriage proposal in Antalya. You want something unusual or classy, but you require help with ideas, venue,menü, decor and other things to be organized. Than we also gladly help you : we’ll make you several offers so you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate for you.

Premium Antalya Concierge plan and organize marriage proposals in Antalya for couples from different countries: England, Germany, Russia, Iran, United Arab Emirates , Saudi Arabia, India, Kazakhstan,Ukraine and many others.



     Our team will be pleased to:

plan and organzie your marrige proposal onboard a private yacht in Antalya. Great yacht’s staff, delicious dinner, privacy, elegant decor will be a fabulous surprise for your lady. That will be a memory your Love will never forget. 


plan and organzie your marrige proposal on the sandy beach  with scenic mountain view in Antalya. What can be more romantic than a candlelight dinner on the beach? Only a romantic candlelight dinner in an intimate beach cabana in Antalya


plan and organzie your marrige proposal at one of the best restaurants in Antalya. Proposing in a restaurant is a traditional and romantic way to go about asking the lady to marry you.


plan and organzie your marrige proposal by the Waterfall in nature & waterfall Park in Antalya. You both, your lady and you will enjoy nature ambience and waterfall beaty.


plan and organzie your marrige proposal in the mountains at the fish restaurant.


plan and organzie your marrige proposal in helicopter in Antalya

plan and organzie your marrige proposal in limousine in Antalya


Premium Antalya Concierge offer our couples wide range of proposal services:


recommendation for venues
proposal scenario
reservation of your event’s spot
private car booking in Antalya  (from your hotel to the spot and back)
yacht/boot booking in Antalya
event spot’s decoration
flower bouquet delivery in Antalya
private dessert / cake preparation in Antalya
private gifts in Antalya
banner printing in Antalya
pyroyechnic fountains, mini fireworks
Dj, music system
Violonist or Trio in Antalya
Photographer or video in Antalya


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