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Helicopters Rental


Helıcopters for rent ın Antalya

Rent your helicopter with Premium Antalya Concierge and you will be guaranteed: luxury, comfortable trip; professional staff and

lots of unforgettable moments of the joirney.

Prices we can offer for helicopter rental start from 699 €.

Generally our vip customers rent private Heli for the following purposes:

to take air taxi from Antalya airport to hotel

for business trip from Antalya

to have a short trip Antalya- Belek / Belek-Kemer /Aspendos-Side-Antalya

to have longer tours : Antalya-Pamukkale /Antalya-Cappadocia /Antalya- Fethiye

to organize a sweet surprise for the beloved

for wedding couples

There is nothing more exciting than getting a clear bird’s eye view above Antalya.  Charters can be scheduled any time of the day

or night time, and our tours are offered year round.

On the board of your private Heli you'll enjoy the local breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes of Antalya region.

Some options of helicopter for rental in Antalya:

Helicopter Bell 407 VIP- 6+1 passenger

Helicopter Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger 4+1 passenger

Helicopter Ecureuil EC 130 B4 VIP 6+1 passenger

Helicopter MI-8 PS VIP 14+4 passenger

Helicopter Bell 206 L3 4+1 passenger

Agusta 109 E Power 5+1 passenger 

and other options;


Corporate Advantages

Our service diversifies, executives find themselves visiting subsidiary offices, factories and plants to conduct business and stay ahead of the competition. Let one of our experienced helicopter pilots transport you from a downtown heliport near your office to wherever you need to be in Antalya or Turkey. It’s a quick, easy, and efficient use of time.

Executive Advantages

You know that time is money, and idle time is money lost. Wasting time on a traffic jammed highway is simply frustrating. Even with the proliferation of cell phones and video chatting, business is best done face-to-face. Helicopters get you there fast and safely, whisking you to your destination above the gridlock. What’s more, as national security issues and world terrorism dictates, more insurance companies and stockholders are requiring company executives to travel by chartered aircraft.

10 Mın. Airport - Antalya 1-3 pax 699 €
10 Min. Airport - Antalya    4 pax 799 €
10 Min. Antalya - Airport    5 pax 899 €
10 Min. Antalya - Airport    6 pax 999 € 
15 Min . Airport - Antalya    1-3 pax  1099 €
15 Min. Airport - Antalya     4 pax 1199 €
15 Min. Antalya - Airport     5 pax 1299 €
15 Min. Antalya - Airport    6 pax 1399 €
60 Min. Tour Antalya          1-3 pax   950 €
60 Min. Tour Antalya    4 pax 1250 €
60 Min. Tour Antalya    5 pax 1990 €
60 Min. Tour Antalya    6 pax 2990 €

* Price  above can be changed.Tax  %18 will be added.

Rent your helicopter with Premium Antalya Concierge

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